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30.01.2013, 00:51
  Evolution! :) New version of website and new plans with mugen projects. I'm going to cancel projects Trunks GT, Bulla, #19. Probably I'm going to begin create projects in new, higher resolution. You can look at my new project: Torankusu GT version Mega in W.I.P. section. Recently, I have not enough time to work in it, because I have to study a lot. They are also other important things than just mugen etc. Thank you for understanding.

06.10.2012, 20:25
  Super 17 2.0 (test version) has been released. I'm inviting to "chars" section.
Suppa Jyuu nana-go

23.09.2012, 11:34
 Finally! I recorded a movie with Super 17 Gameplay. Probably it's going to release version 2.0. It's simply new character! Progress of this character is about 60%.

20.06.2012, 13:18
  WIP section has been updated.

09.06.2012, 21:09
  Chat and Facebook profile are available. Now, you can share your opinions and more   on my website.

20.03.2012, 13:25
  Alternative links has been added.

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